"The Remote Help Expert uses the amazing technology of being able to get into your computer remotely and repair what is wrong.  He is a genius. And a cool guy besides. He spent at least two and maybe three hours working with me. It is fascinating to see my cursor moving around the screen as he looks at my computer's innards, like a surgeon digging around in someone. I recommend him for any problem you may have with your computer. He doesn't have to come to your house, he is very reasonable in price, and very patient.  You just sit there and do what he tells you in a chat mode as he fixes what ails your machine.

Contact him, I can't give him enough praise."


“I absolutely must HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Remote Help Expert. I had some weird and horrible computer problems (which would have put me out of business until fixed), and I couldn't figure them out (and I'm a previous help desk person!). He got it all sorted out and fixed, and he did it all remotely. And then he didn't break my bank account, either.

He really blew me away and I am thankful for his good service. So, definitely use him if you have any computer problems!”


"I love working on the computer but there is much confusion surrounding it.  An incredible tool but like a car when its down you're stuck.  My computer was frozen with viruses.   Within a couple of hours the Remote Help Expert had it up and running and installed walls to help me from having this happen again.  I lost no data!  He can log into my computer remotely now so if I get into a jam I simply call him.  He can tutor you also!  He can again log in remotely and tutor you in an area of the computer you what your education brought up!  I highly recommend him if you need any help in computer arena he exchanges in abundance!"


"The Remote Help Expert said it would not take more than an hour to handle my problem with my frozen Excel file. Guess what! It took less than five minutes and it was done remotely. Wow!

I highly recommend him."


"The Remote Help Expert has come to the rescue several times. He just goes on line, accesses my systems (we have four computers networked) whichever I ask and very efficiently and promptly. You communicate and then you can just go away, and come back and he has accessed it, found the weirdnesses, made them go poof, all with no hassles and low cost compared to any other software support. This is especially delightful since we're not even in the same state! It is a true inter-state cooperative operation. I completely trust him and he is quick and effective."


"I got excellent service from the Remote Help Expert..  I had 3 issues with my computer, he logged in remotely and voilà, he had them all handled within the hour!  I most definitely recommend his services!"


After a horrible experience with a highly advertised computer tech company, I was quite nervous about the selection of a computer technician for our company. Like most businesses, all our daily business records, contacts and correspondence are stored on computers and the management of this information was a major concern. We did telephone interviews with area computer companies, received recommendations from trusted associates, and selected Remote Help Expert.

Because of our rather ‘unique’ office setup, Remote Help Expert came to our office, reviewed our system set up and immediately saved all of our information before making any changes. They explained, in plain English,  each step as they proceeded, and even called back a few days later to ensure that all was functioning properly. They exhibited the type of personal understanding of our needs, combined with technical skill that led us to decide that they would handle all of our future remote, or onsite, computer needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Remote Help Expert to both businesses and home computer users alike”.


"Over the past 30 years I have learned the hard way how to use computers. I lost my first document (25 pages) because I did not see a need to back up any of my information.  So I spent much time typing and replacing those pages and saving them on a very small disk located in a slot on one side of my computer opposite form my operating program on the other side of it. Now, why am I telling you all of this?  I am doing that because the Remote Help Expert is the BEST and I mean best when it comes to recovering lost files due to a computer crash. The issue he had to handle for me included an external hard drive containing backups of all of my data including program files.  I could not afford to loose 8 years of storage on that external drive let alone what would happen if I made an error in trying to recover the disc myself.  I an not that computer literate.  So I called him who was highly recommended and I will never be sorry I did that.  He salvaged everything and has continued to assist with a few other problems that occurred. He is truly an expert."


"My computer did something extremely strange and scary, but I immediately knew whom to call! Computer Superman, a.k.a. The Remote Help Expert. My laptop wouldn't even start on his emergency boot disk. So he took the hard disk out and plugged it into his own computer. Sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, right? The Scientist taking the hero's heart out and plugging into the machine, while the bereaved girl takes the dying man's hand: "Hold on ! Hold on ! You can make it!" And then blink-blink, blink-blink, eyes open... And tears flow—mine. From gratitude."



My Personal Guarantee

If the problem I'm trying to solve in your computer is not solved, there is no charge.